UV Water Purification System

UV Water Purification System


UV (ultraviolet) lamp is a good selection for water antimicrobial and it is mostly applied in regions where well water or generally rural water is used. This device deactivates microbes, bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms existing in water by passing a specified amount of ultraviolet (UV) ray from water and it will have no remnant effect on water and it is not harmful for human.


Antimicrobial by ultraviolet ray (UV) is an effective method which is confirmed scientifically and is compatible with the environment. To maintain this system is very simple. It is enough to clean its lamp and wall on regular periods. The life of device lamp is about one year.


Ultraviolet (UV) water purification device can be assembled on home or commercial water purification devices and accomplish double antimicrobial action at the final stage.


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Technical Spec.

Input power voltage: 220 v

Consumed voltage: 24 v

Maximum Input Pressure: 85 PSI

Minimum Temperature: 5 centigrade degree

Maximum Temperature: 50 centigrade degree

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