TDS Meter



How we can make sure of performance correctness of water purification device?


How we can be informed when is the time to replace main filter of device (RO membrane)?


One of the ways to make sure of correctness of Aquajoy water purification device performance is to measure the amount of impurities in water produced by device. TDS meter is one of the tools which measures impurities dissolved in water. This device, by using the electrical conductivity of water, could present a fairly good approximation of TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) which is also called water heaviness with PPM (milligram/liter) unit.


How often through this small device you can measure the amount of purities of produced water by device.


If the main filter of device (RO membrane) is being faulted or there will be another problem in your home water purification device, the amount of impurities existing in produced water by device will be increased which shows disorder in device performance or time of replacing RO filter.


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