Support and Services

After-sale services unit of Hirabsun Company, by using professional and experienced personnel and remarkable experiences and facilities, make the company to present technical counseling and supporting, providing equipment of water purification devices and air conditioner in market via an organized system and aided by companies’ representatives allover country


From among our main goals is presenting organized services with competitive quality and price, accelerating in presenting services, standardization of services regarding variety of water purification devices and air conditioner, communicating between company and customers via direct telephone call of after-sales services personnel with customers for improving quality of services and products.

Periodical and special trainings of personnel and after-sale services representative and updating their knowledge and information are another plans to achieve satisfaction of customer and presenting better services to the customers.

Hirabsun Company has more than 500 sales and after-sale services allover country.

In fact, bright experiences of Hirabsun Company in presenting fast, complete and inexpensive after-sale services since 2003 till now, and presence of sales and after-sale services representatives allover country have resulted in the customers' satisfaction about Aquajoy products.



After-sale services of Hirabsun Company for Aquajoy water purification devices are as follows:


Free Installation:

All aquajoy devices are included free installation. Each customer can contact with central office in Tehran or authorized representatives in other cities of Iran after purchasing device and do necessary coordination for installing device.

Presenting Valid Guarantee Card:

Each of the customers of Hirabsun Company receive guarantee card after purchasing Aquajoy device. This card includes three parts which the first part remains at the customer. The second part is before company's representative and third part including the customer's specifications is sent to central office in Tehran by sales representative.

Customers Data Bank:

Each customer will have a file in after-sale services software by using information inserted in guarantee card. All customers' records such as: complaints, suggestions, criticisms, submitted services to customer, replacing filters and etc., are kept in this file and can be followed.

Three Years of Guarantee:

Correctness of performance and function of Aquajoy home water purification devices has been guaranteed for Three years as of installation date and in case of any technical problem in the device during this period Hirabsun Company will be responsible against troubleshooting and even replacing the product completely if necessary.


Important Note:

Dear Consumer

Please read and consider the items which are not included in guarantee for your information.


10 years of After-sale Services:

Hirabsun Company guarantees after-sale services for its products for 10 years.

Supplying Spare Parts and Required Filters for Customers:

All spare parts of devices are available adequately in warehouse of Hirabsun Company and will be provided for the customers in case of necessity. Therefore, none of the customers will be worry about lack of spare parts and filters.

Reminding replacement time of filter to the customers:

Regular periods of replacing filters will be informed to the customers via telephone call or SMS by using data bank of customers, and necessary instructions about maintaining device will be given to them.

Presenting Free Technical Counseling (before-sale services):

In order to use consultation of technical experts for purchasing our product you can call our company or communicate with sales experts via Hirabsun website.

Widespread After-sale Services Center:

Hirabsun company has more than 500 sales and after-sale services agencies around the country. Customers can have address and telephone numbers of these agencies by calling central office of our company.