About us


Established in 2003, Hirabsun has pioneered delivering latest water treatment solutions to varied market from residential to commercial in Iran.


30-plus years of founders experience in the industry persuaded well-known aquajoy (Canada) to appoint Hirabsun to promote aquajoy water treatment systems in the Middle East territory exclusively.


Hirabsun’s mission is: “The improvement of every household drinking water”


Hirabsun continues to bring and elevate the water treatment technologies through its reliable and responsive after-sales service and cost-effective products.


The after-sales service department contacts each customer on a regular basis to collect their feedback and notify them when the filters need to be replaced.


Now there are more than 400 local representatives across the country looking after each province and their particular needs.


All local representatives take the periodic training and evaluation to bring the up to date with the new products and technologies.