Date of publish: 4/1/2014
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Water Purification & Filters Functions Stages

First Stage: 5-micron Fibrous Filter

This filter is made of polypropylene artificial fibers. These fibers are pressed and there are porosities maximum 5 micron thick between them. When water passes through this filter the suspended particles larger than 5 micron are removed from water. Ooze, sand and granule, pipes rusts and particles due to pipes decay are removed from water in this stage and water will be clear and transparent.


Second Stage: Active Carbon Filter

In this stage there is charcoal filter or active carbon which has absorption properties and is able to remove chlorine, chemical gases dissolved in water, organic chemical materials, Trihalomethanes (chlorination by-product), pesticides and unpleasant smell and flavor of water.

Perhaps, it may be told that the main function of these filters is to remove chlorine remained from water, because not only chlorine is harmful for human's health, but it also damages the main filter (RO Membrane). It is noted that the carbon existing in Aquajoy filters are made from Coconut Shell and is well known as Coconut Shell Carbon. Hence, it has a completely herbal origin and enters no harmful compound to water.


Third Stage: 1-micron Fibrous Filter

Material and type of function of this filter is similar to the filter in the first stage but it differs in one point that accuracy of water purification in this stage is 1 micron. Therefore, suspended particles and contaminations floating in water which were not removed from water in the first stage are being removed from water and the water will be completely clear and transparent.


Fourth Stage: Reverse Osmosis Filter (RO Membrane)

This filter is in fact the main filter of Aquajoy Device. Reverse osmosis filter constitutes of several semi-permeable membrane layers which are twisted around a central pipe. This membrane has porosities in 0.1 nanometer (0.0001 micron).

Since dissolved impurities in water are not able to be passed from membrane porosities, so, there will be almost pure water on one side of the membrane which will be passed from central pipe and lead to the output purified water. On the other side of the membrane layers there will be concentrated water of impurities which are lead to sewage channel.

Water salts can be decreased 90 to 98% through reverse osmosis. Nitrate, arsenic, lead, mercury and other impurities dissolved in water and harmful heavy metals in water are removed from water in this stage. Harmful hardness of water, which causes deposition in pot, kettle and tea maker, is removed and heavy water is changed to light and drinking water.





Fifth Stage: Post Carbon Filter

The final stage is the Post carbon filter. The kind of this filter is of carbon exactly like the second stage filter. The existing carbon grains in this filter remove unpleasant flavor and smell of water which may be caused from residue water in tank.